Born and raised in the New York culture, from the Bronx to Long Island, Miss Empanada is a 27 year old, female entrepreneur with a passion to spread love and happiness through her cooking. Birth name, Tneisha Greene, grew up in a cooking household with her Puerto Rican mother and her African American father. She describes her cuisine style as a beautiful mix with the best of two worlds. While diverse cooking is naturally in her veins by genetics, latin spices and flavors have taken the dominant role in her dishes.  

Her highly requested variety Empanadas have become the talk of her town amongst all her friends and family. From birthday parties, baby showers, to company pot-lucks, the popularity of these boldly flavored latin patties have earned Tneisha her future, and now present, entrepreneurial name, Miss Empanada.  

Tneisha had a dream to expand her territory, reaching and serving families across the East Coast of the United States, and eventually, the world. After much praying and planning, research and networking, Tneisha officially launched her LLC of Miss Empanada. She is now giving the distant friends and family of all her local loyal customers the opportunity to experience her passion in flavors.