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Your Blueprint to Purpose is Coming to NYC!

On October 6th and 7th, 2023, in the heart of NYC, The Vyne LLC will be hosting our annual business retreat, where hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs will gather in one place to soak up foundational knowledge and resources, combined with their application of Faith, to launch and scale their marketplace vision. This two day, annual event entails a multi-informative panel of experts to impart the expertise needed for dream chasers to establish their marketplace goal, and create a firm and effective foundation to START! 

Meet The Panelists

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What To Expect

"Network & Chill"

A leisure mixer event allowing guests to introduce themselves and their market niche, network and exchange contact information.


This will include light refreshments and beverage options.

Day 1

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"Activating Faith" Conference

A multi-informative panelist event in
which guests will be assisted in writing out their business  aspirations. To include plan of structure, financial education, market strategizing, resources and application of faith.

Day 2

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